Samantha Fox Olson
Transformation Specialist
Helping you create a rock solid body you LOVE. At any age.
40 Day Fast Lane to Fat Loss
If you think you are doing "everything right" but you aren't getting the results you LOVE, then I am here to tell you that you don't QUITE have it all right.

And I can say this with certainty because I have been there before sister!
I have spent decades beating myself up, depriving myself of the foods I loved, doing all the cardio I didn't enjoy, and still feeling disappointed when I looked in the mirror. Still feeling uncomfortable in my clothes.

In my teens and well into my 20s I suffered bulimia. I could never stick to a rigid regime of what I thought was the answer to living in a fit, hot body. 

And it left me always questioning "what's wrong with me?" and "Why can I not make myself do what know I need to do, to get the body I so deeply desire to have?"

I could not even count the amount of times I have asked God and the universe, "Why can I not make myself do the things I know I have to do, to have the body I desire to have? Why is it so freaking HARD to do the work?!"

Ultimately I would end up feeling not good enough and this inner turmoil and battle with myself and my body cost me decades of joy and gratitude. 

I have tried every pill and potion with the hopes that something "out-there" would have the magic ingredient that I didn't seem to have within myself to create a body I loved.

But I believe life happens FOR us and not TO us.

And through my struggles and challenges I have learned so much!
And it's become my passion and pleasure to support other women in rising up to the immense potential that's inside of their bodies too.

If I can do this, so can YOU!
I have made ALL the mistakes, so now you don't have to!

I've created my 40 Day Fast Lane To Fat Loss Program 
to help you:
  •  Heal and rev your metabolism
  •  Burn away loads of fat 
  •  Get strong and feel sexy
  •  Lose the belly
  •  Heal your relationship with food
  •   Skyrocket you self-image
  •  Transform your inner dialogue
  •  Elevate new levels of appreciation and gratitude for your miraculous body 
  •  Fall in love with fitness
  •  Gain confidence, self-respect and love yourself more!
  •  No gym required 
 It’s a 2 month program, that includes a 40 day fast lane to fat loss acceleration plan.
My clients are not only losing weight, dropping dress sizes, fitting into their skinny jeans again,
but are creating whole new relationships to themselves and food.

Forget everything you thought you knew about food, fitness and your self-image. Because once you step into this program~a whole new universe of understanding emerges. And it’s EXCITING!

This program is a unique blend of group coaching and personalized, one-on-one coaching! Boom! This gives my clients the best of both worlds because being surrounded by women on the same mission as you is empowering. We rise together. And, because your transformation journey IS very specific to YOU, the personalized coaching will hold you accountable and will ensure that in each phase of your program
that you are supported 100%.
If you want something you've never had, you must Be Willing To do What You Have Never Done.
~ Thomas Jefferson ~

No. I mean are you 

If not, no worries.
Most women on the planet SAY they want to feel better, get fit, be strong and lean,
but when it comes down to it,
they have become comfortable with "being good enough".
They have become their #1 obstacle in having what they truly want.
I know that inner limiting belief tho. The mind can be so damn sneaky.
And I also know that 
living in that state of "comfortably uncomfortable" 
has a very expensive price tag.

Freedom. Joy. Love. Gratitude. Confidence. Radiance. Empowerment.

For a very limited time I have opened up my calendar to offer
FREE Activation Calls.
A 45 minute phone call to help you get clear with what the heck has you
stuck with not being GENUINELY happy and in love with your body, and
help you set some motivating goals.

IF you are a good fit for my coaching program, I will let you know more.
If not, you will just have received a priceless support call that will
inspire a new way of thinking and being into your life.

Click the button, book the call, and I even have a 
special gift for you on the other side.
Space is super limited and spots are filling fast.

Talk to you soon gorgeous.
Samantha Fox Olson
Just sharing some of the images from when I thought I had it figured out,
was doing "all the right things" and really stuck.

If I can do this, so can YOU.
Me around 20 years old. I loved to party, like really party. I loved the outdoors, was a total hippy and suffered bulimia. Then me about 2 weeks ago, 44 years old. Fit, fierce and fabulous. Still part hippy, still love the outdoors and free of bulimia.
This is an image I took a shot of in my freshman year of college gymnastics team booklet I kept. God bless my coaches hearts. I lacked self-control in all areas of my life, and beat myself up with a low self-image. Next image is me a few weeks ago. Grateful for my life and body.
Keeping it real, this is a photo of my arse last October after running my first 5K race and not following my own program simply because I was feeling "good enough" in the moment. Right image is my bootie last week at the beach. My training hasn't changed too much, but my nutrition and supplementation has become more consistently refined.
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